ADHD Coaching Support For Youth

Smooth Sailing For School Success

Trying to help a tween or teens with school or other areas in thier life can sometimes be easy and other times difficult for parents.

During this stage in their life they are naturally gravitating to more independence and wanting to make their own choices and decisions.  They may naturally have the urge to push back or get frustrated with parents who are trying to help.  This in turn can more tension and stress and tension in the home and your family relationships.  

 When a child is motivated to work with a coach, it can help alleviate some of the tension and stress in the parent-child dynamic and help them take ownership of their own progress in school or with learning new life skills.  

The Smooth Sailing for School Success Coaching Program is uniquely designed for tweens and teens and provides them the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to create and achieve actionable goals
  • Identify their strengths and the way they are wired to learn best
  • Build on weaker executive function skills to help in school
  • Develop helpful strategies to stay focused and learn in the classroom
  • Learn how to track and manage assignments from start to finish
  • Learn helpful ways to stay organized with their belongings and school papers
  • Learn how to set up a helpful homework routine, budget their time, plan and prioritize their work.
  • Work on developing helpful strategies for writing papers, working on short and long term projects, preparing and taking tests. 

The Benefits of ADHD Coaching With Youth

Individual Coaching Services are available to help children with academics, social skills, life skills, their first job, and more.  

​Grades 5th through 12th are good times for a struggling child to consider working with their very own coach to accomplish more success in school or with social skills.

Depending on the grade level, parents may also receive support and information to understand what their child is working on at school and home between sessions.   

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