Parenting Fundamentals 

Understand - Nurture - Empower to Succeed

The job of parenting a child who struggles with ADHD can sometimes feel like a never-ending emotional roller coaster while trying to support their needs and create the family life we desire. ​The good news is your dreams for raising an independent happy child and achieving a beautiful, resilient family culture is very possible! Your experience and outcomes will become much better when you understand what works and what doesn’t and develop ADHD friendly parenting approaches that help to nurture and empower your children to be resilient and thrive.

The Parenting Fundamentals Coaching Program is geared to:

  • Parents of newly diagnosed children with ADHD
  • Parents who have been addressing the ADHD with their child for some time but still find the challenges are a constant struggle.
  • Parents of young children looking for Parent-Coaching support.

Depending on your program of choice, ADHD Coaching support for parents can help you to:

  • Understand ADHD and how related challenges impact your child
  • Discover your child’s strengths and the way they are wired to win
  • Learn effective parenting approaches and strategies for better behaviors
  • Help your child to experience better outcomes and days in school
  • Help your child to develop the social skills to make and keep friends
  • Develop ADHD friendly structures and routines that leads to a calmer and happier household
  • Improve family dynamics with parent-child and sibling relationships
  • Learn lifestyle approaches to minimize the impact of their ADHD
  • Promote a stronger sense-of-self and more resilience in your child.  ​

Parent Coaching and Support Services:

  • Parenting Fundamentals New Client Intake Session
  • Parenting Fundamentals 5 Session Coaching Pack
  • Parenting Fundamentals I & II Half-Day Workshops
  • Resilient Families Six Month Coaching Plan
  • ​Online Training and Support

How Does Coaching Work?

  • Coaching may be provided in-person or through a secure virtual meeting platform, and occasionally by phone.
  • Parent Coaching is provided for parents of young children and a combination of Parent/Child Coaching may be provided for parents with children who are older but still minors.
  • ​Family Coaching is available for families with two or more individuals needing ADHD Coaching support.


ADHD Coaching Support For Parents of Children with ADHD

In the Parenting Fundamentals Coaching Program, you will learn tried and true approaches to achieve better behaviors, experience better relationships, and to promote more success and reslience in your child.  

Research shows that the earlier you begin to support a child with ADHD, the better the outcomes.  Parents may be concerned about having their child diagnosed or chosing to start their child on medication for ADHD.  The symptoms of ADHD are more likely to be present through adulthood. Without a diagnosis, a child may create their own reasoning for their challenges and experience lots of struggles.  Recognizing ADHD opens a door for many options to intervene in positive ways.  Medication may or may not be warranted.  ADHD Coaches can help parents and their children with recommendations for educational interventions, parent skills training, life skills and executive function skills training for the child, support groups for the parents and more.  

There are many options to get the support you need.  

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Parenting Fundamentals I, In-Person Training

Date TBD: Time TBD - Edina Office, Minnesota
Includes interactive activities, workbook, lunch and refreshments plus one follow-up individual coaching session after the workshop.
  • One Parent for $197,
  • Both Parents in same family for $247

Parenting Fundamentals I, Live Virtual Workshop by Computer or Smart Phone
Date TBD, Time TBD
Includes interactive activities, workbook, lunch and refreshments plus one follow-up individual coaching session after the workshop.
Cost: $147

Parenting Fundamentals I Workshop Topics Include:
  • ADHD Basics, Executive Function Skill Basics, Lifestyle Factors for Success
  • ADHD-friendly parenting approaches for better behaviors
  • Helpful ways to empower, engage, and inspire your ADHD child: strengths, mindset, motivation
  • Support with Intervention Planning and next steps.
  • Follow Up individual Coaching Session within 30 days

Parenting Fundamentals II Training -  Date TBD

Parenting Fundamentals II Workshop
  • In-Person Workshop on Friday, TBD, 2017, in Edina, MN
  • Live Virtual Workshop on Sunday, TBD, 2017.  
  • Topics cover strategies, skills and support to help your child with building on success in school, home, social skills and relationships, new life skills and more.
  • Reduced fee for parents who have attended Parenting Fundamentals I workshop.  

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