Got ADHD, Now What?  

When someone discovers they have ADHD, it can actually be a relief.  It explains the challenges and struggles they may have experienced along the way.  ADHD is a neurobiological disorder, that has a real impact in two or more areas of someone's life. ADHD is not a sign of poor characters.  In fact, individuals with ADHD are more likely to be gifted, intelligent, and have wonderful desires and intentions for themselves and others.  They have a lot to bring to the world!  

When the ADHD part of their life is not managed well, it gets the best of them.   In contrast, when someone takes the time to learn about the disorder, understand it's impact, and work on goals to manage the ADHD related symptoms and challenges, life can be much different.   This coaching program is designed to help those newly diagnosed, or those who have been struggling with their ADHD for some time, to begin turning things around fast by using a 10 Step Plan for moving forward.

  1. Got ADHD Now What Consult
    Got ADHD Now What Consult
    When a new diagnosis has you confused, overwhelmed and not sure what to do next, consider this one-time consultation with a 10 point strategy plan for Living Well with your own ADHD.
  2. 5 Session Starter Package
    5 Session Starter Package
    Got ADHD, Now What Consult and five topic focused coaching sessions to support you with your discovery and next steps.
  3. 90 Day Success Plan
    90 Day Success Plan
    Got ADHD, Now What? Consult with 90 days of coaching support to help you with taking those next steps.
  4. Got ADHD Now What VIP Day
    Got ADHD Now What VIP Day
    Are you energized by working together in a group environment of people experiencing similar challenges. The Got ADHD, Now What? VIP Day gets you off to a fast start in a one-day intensive. When you attend the VIP day, you also become part of a supportive group of individuals who encourage each other on. And you receive two follow-up 30 minute coaching sessions after the VIP Day to help support your momentum.