Brilliant Me! Wired to Win with Adult ADHD
Virtual Group Coaching Program
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March 7th - April 18th, 2018
Starts 7:30 pm ET, 6:30 pm CT, 5:30 pm MT, 4:30 pm PT
7 Week Virtual Workshop

Brilliant Me! Wired To Win with Adult ADHD Virtual Group Program:

  • Understand how your ADHD uniquely impacts you.
  • Determine how YOU are wired to win! Identify and leverage your strengths.
  • Strengthen Time Management - Develop the skill to manage time effectively. Never/rarely be late or miss an appointment.
  • Establish Meaningful and Realistic Goals - Set goals and learn how to plan and prioritize them.
  • Maximize Lifestyle to Minimize Impact of ADHD - Discover ways to tweak your personal lifestyle and habits to maximize your day.
  • Move From Procrastination to Proactivity - Identify strategies to help you get started, persist and finish in a timely manner. And is it truly procrastination?  
  • Plan & Prioritize Projects/Tasks - Learn a system and use a Planning Worksheet designed for your success.

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Free Webinar: College Jumpstart / Reboot
For Students with ADHD or Executive Function Challenges
Parents Welcome Too!
Thursday March 15, 2018
4:30 pm PT  |   5:30 pm MT   |   6:30 pm CT   |   7:30 pm ET

Our webinar is designed for students with ADHD or executive function challenges and their parents.  About this time, some students begin to realize they may be struggling with keeping up or making good grades. They may be looking for some specific tools to reboot and improve on their college experience or to start off strong next semester in the new year. 

During our free webinar, we will:
  • Identify potential barriers students with ADHD or executive function challenges face in college
  • Share strategies to overcome barriers to success with executive function challenges
  • Create a game plan prior to your first class in the spring semester
  • Identify your “dream team” and develop advocacy and support for success
  • Share some real life examples of students who have overcome challenges and experienced success in college

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