College Success Coaching

Ready For Transition - Empowered To Succeed

Don't let past problems in school deter you or your student from achieving a college education.  Instead, take the time to figure out what your child needs to make a successful transition and be empowered to succeed in a new college environment.  

The College Success Coaching Programs are geared to:

  • High school students with ADHD preparing for their next transition,
  • College freshmen who realize they will need ongoing structure and support from a coach to survive their first year,
  • Returning college students who have struggled in the past and desire to leverage coaching to make their coming year much better. 

Depending on your program of choice, The College Success Coaching Program, will help your child to:

  • Set Goals for their college experience and future career.
  • Discover their strengths and how they are wired to win.
  • Identify and strengthen weaker executive function and life skills needed to succeed in a college environment.
  • Explore helpful strategies, approaches, and skills to navigate  ADHD-related challenges.
  • Receive ongoing coaching support to help them stay organized, manage their time, plan and prioritize their school work.   
  • Learn helpful ways to manage stress, overwhelm and work through urges of procrastination.
  • Have someone to reach out to for help and support as they need it. 

College Coaching Services;

  • College Readiness Consultation
  • Full College Semester Coaching Package
  • 5 Session Recovery Package

You might be thinking....

  • Big investment.
  • Big hopes and dreams.
  • Big gaps in the life and executive function skill sets a college student needs to survive and thrive in their new environment. 

Does this reflect your thinking and perspective about the next steps your child will take to transition from high school to college.  There is something your child can do to maximize their potential and performance during those college years. ​  Begin getting the support now to make the most of their college experience. 
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