ADHD can last across the lifespan, which means challenges can show up in different ways as we age and move from one stage of life to the next.

While some ADHD related challenges experienced as a child may fade away, new challenges might arise as adults transition to college, enter the work force, develop their careers, enter into a new relationship or decide to get married, manage finances,  run a household, raise a family, plan for the future and more.

Where are you in your life journey? Are challenges with time management, organization, planning, prioritization, procrastination getting in your way? Do you feel yourself being overtaken by overwhelm and frustration.  Does having ADHD seem to hold you back or stop you in your tracks? 

An ADHD Coach can partner with you to help you in your career, business, college education, lifestyle, homefront, relationships and more.  

Parenting a child with ADHD can feel counterintuitive, leading to moments of stress and feeling at wits end with the daily chaos and behavioral challenges that might show up. 

Trying to manage ADHD in the home can lead to tension and impact the relationships between siblings, parents and extended family.  

Perhaps as a parent, you are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or confused about what to do next?

You need support and someone who really understands what you are going through.  

An ADHD Coach can help you learn helpful approaches to cope and parent your child in ADHD friendly to help them build the skills and confidence they need to succeed in school, social skills, life skills and more.


Individual coaching can be very helpful for children from about 4th grade and up when they begin naturally gravitating to a desire for more independence and privileges.

When a child faces continual struggles and challenges on a routine basis, they can become demotivated and shut down. They begin to live their life small to avoid the hurt and frustration that comes with failing.  They need to understand they have ADHD, what it means, how it shows up for them, and how they can beat it.  

An ADHD Coach can help your child do just that! They can work with your child to to help them focus on their goals, leverage their strengths and begin to experience more success in academics, social skills, relationships, life skills, new responsibilities and more.        


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