Brilliant Me!


You are not your ADHD!
Having ADHD is not an indicator of bad character, low levels of intelligence, or a precursor to living a life that achieves below potential.  In fact, most individuals with ADHD are very bright and gifted in some way and have the ability to accomplish and contribute great things in their world.  

What makes you shine?  How are you wired to win? 
This coaching program is designed to help you get in touch with and leverage your brilliant side while working on the ADHD related challenges that get in your way to achieve your specific goals.   

In The Brilliant Me! Coaching Program you will:

  • Design actionable goals to begin creating a life you truly love.
  • Discover your strengths, natural gifts, and the way you are specifically wired to succeed.
  • Understand how ADHD and it's related challenges contributes to your struggles.  
  • Build on weaker executive function skills like time management, organization, planning and prioritization, and more. 
  • Learn ADHD-friendly strategies and approaches and tips to make life easier and more enjoyable.
  • Build on sense of self to experience more confidence and to leave unnecessary doubts and fears about your future behind.
  • Receive ongoing coaching support to encourage, empower and hold you accountable.
​Adult ADHD Coaching Programs:
  • Brilliant Me! Consultation
  • Three month and six month Coaching Plans
  • Brilliant Me! Wired to Win with Adult ADHD Workshops

Feeling frustrated about having ADHD?

Break away from those feelings of doom and defeat where you believe having ADHD or weak executive function and life skills will hold you back from achieving your goals and living the life of your dreams.

Learn how you are wired to win based on your own natural strengths, gifts and abilities.   Work with an ADHD/Executive Skills Coach who can help you with the skill building, support and strategies you need to get ADHD related challenges out of your way to live your best life your own special way.
An ADHD Coach will help their clients to identify goals, break them down into actionable steps, and then provide the encouragement, support and accountability to find ADHD-friendly ways to achieve success. 
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Brilliant Me! Wired To Win with Adult ADHD Workshop Includes:
  • Help to clarify your vision and goals for living your best life ahead.
  • Explore individual strengths and how you are wired to win.
  • Understand how underlying ADHD related challenges keep you stuck.
  • Learn helpful approaches to navigate the ADHD and accomplish your goals
  • Support with next steps and intervention planning.
  • Follow Up Coaching Session within 30 days

Cost:  $297

Upcoming Events:
Brilliant Me! Wired to Win with Adult ADHD Cornerstone Workshop:

Tuesday Evenings,
October 24th - December 5th, 2017

Starts 7:30 pm ET, 6:30 pm CT, 5:30 pm MT, 4:30 pm PT

7 Week Virtual Workshop